Thirst, thirst drove as from Stockholm to Göteborg and back to Stockholm - most of the memories are blurred, but what stays is the certainty that it was a hangovereurope worthy trip! By the way, here are some things we managed to reconstruct:


  • A must see: The Vasa museum.
  • A must eat: The elk population was considered stable up until march 2011. Pretty much exactly until we had the god given task to eat elk meat. Now the elk population is diminished, but thats OK because they are tasty. Next on our list are whales (we better hurry as long as there are some left).
  • A place to avoid at any means necessary: The "art" "museum" (Ok, we call that junkyard).
  • A few tourist traps:
    Nobody knows the most famous viking hero ever: Vicky the Viking!?! Or as we call it in Austria: "Wickie und die starken Männer" (Jap. 小さなバイキングビッケ, Chiisana baikingu Bikke)
    The Hard Rock Cafe: 18 draught beers and not a single Swedish one! But a Guinness for 10 Euro! This bold attempt to compensate a bad assortment of beer with a ripoff amuses me. ;)
    Ugly and Colorful wood horses, but at least they are brazenly expensive.
  • A mind expanding experience: The Swedish army museum.
  • A worthy investment: 10 Euro for a Guinness at the Hard Rock Cafe! Guinness is good for you and 10 Euro do not change that!  
  • A great place for getting lost while sight drinking: Gamla Stan - the old city center!


  • A nice to know: Five museums (including a ship and a natural historic museum) share one ticket, thats valid for a whole year - a definite recommendation for every museum fan!
  • A must eat: Halva special (a hot dog with mashed potatoes).
  • A cozy place: Skansen Kronan - a restaurant in an historic fortress, frequently with live music!
  • A must see: The fish church (market).
  • A must try: Snus i.e. Swedish chewing tobacco.
  • A great place for a shopping spree: System Bolaget a.k.a. HangOverEurope Paradise!
  • A task that certainly fails: Getting a bottle of mead.  
  • A great memory (just one among a lot others): The open, friendly people from Sweden!


And finally: The best Irish Pub in Stockholm: Molly Malones close to the Gustav Vasa church (both well worth a visit, bwt). This place saved our lives! More than once! By the way, if you're curious about Molly, here's an image of her from our trip to Dublin.

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