Troll spotting in reykjavik

Reykjavik, oh holy...

Others may call it urban jungle survival training, we call it a vacation and we consider it a success if we're glad when it's over and if we need at least a week of rest to recover from it. So this one was a highly successful vacation, but enough self-manifestation, let's get down to the really interesing facts, here's a link to the Iceland gallery, and here are some of the most important things to know about Iceland in general and Reykjavik in particular:

  • The best pickup line in Iceland: You're as sweet as a puffin! (This one's infallible!)
  • A useful thing to know before arriving: The Icelandic Krona exchange rate!
  • A worthy investment: A welcome card - A 24, 48 or 72 Hours bus ticket with most museums entry fees included.
  • A mind expanding experience: The Icelandic Phallological Museum (sperm whale is the king - how obvious).
  • A must See: Hallgríms Church
  • A must do: The golden circle tour.
  • A tourist trap: We're a little bit uncertain: The dried fish chips or the volcano house.

  • A mind blowing experience: Hákarl (rotten shark) and a black death (Brennivín, a caraway aniseed spirit).
  • A must eat: The Seabaron's lobster soup.
  • A riddle to solve: Although whales and puffins are no longer hunted, they are still served in some restaurants. Both taste delicious, so better be quick as long as they aren't extincted - afterwards there prices will almost certainly raise (immense probably).
  • An experience safe to avoid: Neftóbak
  • A must know: Most if the vikings go out past 11 pm mainly to show there intoxication to the public.
  • And finally, the best Irish Pub in Reykjavik: The Celtic Cross.
  • Oh, and if you are still wondering what geysers and rotten sharks have in common, well both have a rather intense scent and we leave it up to you if you consider it an intense scent or a stench - as with beauty, it lays in the eye of the beholder.

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