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Getting broke in Oslo 2013

Expensive, more expensive, most expensive, Oslo! Oslo is in deed so expensive that the most common profession is begging! Thanks to the European union this scene has become increasingly more international. In fact it's so international that there's no more place for Norwegian beggars. If you're (like we are) from Austria, you'll instantly feel at home. But anyway, here's the gallery about Oslo and Norway. Enjoy the sights. And, as always, some random, lifesaving facts:

  • A must see: Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.
  • An other must see: The Viking Ship Museum.
  • Chose one: The Army Museum or the Peace Nobel Price Museum. If you're interested in one of them, forget about the other!
  • If you're interested in art and ugly, naked, old men, than the Frogner Park and the Gustav Vigeland Museum are definitely for you!

  • A mind expanding experience: A shitty chocolate bar for 3 euros in a supermarket!!!
  • A nice place to stay: Hotel Bristol in Oslo - not just because of the Hemingway Bar.
  • An important investment for your financial survival: The Oslo Card - for the cheap price of your insignificant soul you're able to enter all museums for free!
  • A nice ad: Freia sign throwning over Oslo.
  • And (as always) the best Irish pub in Oslo: The New Orleans Bar (Ireland's quite big nowadays...)

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