Catholic Cathedral in Helsinki

Helsinki can be cold

In fact 2013 was the coldest spring since 50 years, but it hasn't detained us from our mission. Speaking about getting drunk, here's the gallery about Finland and Helsinki. And here are the life changing facts:

  • A must have: Your personal Helsinki Card for a lot of discounts including public transportation and free entrance to most of the museums - Suomenlinna included!
  • A must see: Suomenlinna - Ancient fortress Island.
  • A must eat: The fish soup at
  • A cozy place to go: Cafe Vanille at Suomenlinna.
  • A mind expanding experience: A bear steak at the Savotta restaurant.

  • A nice place for a prayer: Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church).
  • A beautiful view: Both, the Catholic Cathedral and the Orthodox Cathedral.
  • An unexpected sight: The logo on the tank in the backyard of the military museum.
  • A tourist trap: Stockmanns - Finland's biggest department store. There are no guns at Stockmanns! So much about the slogan "If you can't get it at Stockmanns you don't need it"...
  • And finally the best Irish pub in Helsinki: Poseidon - a Czech Pub (Prague's kinda close to Dublin anyway (and both are well worth a visit)).

Well, thats it. We hope you enjoyed our short Helsinki traveling guide and would appreciate it if you share it now using the buttons below. Thank you!

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