Leprechaunt at the Wax+

Paddy Day in Dublin 2012

What can be better than an inexhaustible supply of Guinness at St. Patricks Day in Dublin? Tough question, I'll get back writing this article once the memory returns... Meanwhile some of the memories returned... Because a picture is worth a thousand words - Here's the gallery about Dublin and Belfast and this Gallery is about the ruins from the early medieval monastic settlement at Glendalough. Enjoy them.
And, as always, some random, lifesaving facts:

  • A nice to know: There seem to be more towers and churches in prague than inhabitants.
  • A must see:
  • A great site to visit:
    • Glendalough Monastery Ruins at the Wicklow Mountains.
    • A trip to Belfast.
  • A must eat: You'd better try to diet - what they call food we call biological arms or chemical waste!
  • A must drink: (Lots of) Guinness of course.

  • A tourist trap:
    • The WAX+ "museum".
    • The Bram Stoker house.
  • A worthy investment: A St. Patricks Day scarf from a friendly street dealer for 10 Euro - well, you'll get the same scarf for less than 3 euro in an Irish gift store - strange but true.
  • A great place for getting lost while sight drinking: Temple Bar District.
  • A nice to know:
    • It's damn challenging to get a Guinness for breakfast (even on St. Patricks day)!
    • St. Patricks Kathedral may not be the best place to pray, but it's a great place to get some Irish gifts - after you payed the entrance fee of course!
    • Nothing is lost if you take some drinks in a Pub during the St. Patricks Day Parade.
  • A cozy place: One of the many Irish Pubs with live music.
  • A must try: An Irish Breakfast - Not really delicious, but it's a part of the deal.
  • A place to avoid at any means necessary: Irish pubs past 2 am, as for some odd reason they stop serving you alcohol when you need it the most.
  • A mind expanding experience: Meeting the kind owner of the Indian restaurant as he is the only real friend you'll find past 2 am who will save you from getting sober premature.

And finally: The best Irish Pub in Dublin: O'Donoghue's, The Merchants Arch, The Brazen Head, Foggy Dew, all pubs in between and a million more. Now that's it. We hope you enjoyed our short Dublin city guide and would appreciate it if you share it now using the buttons below.
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