Yokohama Landmark Tower.The Yokohama Landmark Tower is a nice target for a day trip while staying in Tokyo. Below is a list of sights (with pictures included of course) that are close to Landmark Tower and that we recommend visiting. Here's a link to the pictures from Yokohama in case you only want to enjoy some viewing pleasure. Hit the read more button to get the details from our Yokohama Landmark Tower Travel Guide.

The Yokohama Landmark Tower is 296.3 m (972 ft) meters tall, making it the fourth tallest structure in Japan. It houses a 360 degree observatory at a height of 274 meters above ground (on the 69th floor), which gives an awesome view over the city. On a clear day you can even see Mount Fuji.

Yokohama Travel Guide

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan with a population of about 3.7 million people. It is located south of Tokyo, in Tokyo Bay and is a part of to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Yokohama seen from Landmarktower. Yokohama Ferris Wheel.

Right next to the Yokohama Landmark Tower is a Ferris Wheel, which also gives a great view over the city and the bay area. Although the Yokohama Ferris Wheel is far lower than the Landmark Tower (as you can see at the left picture above), it isequal, (maybe even more) fun - you know, there's no solid floor at a Ferris Wheel and it's constantly moving, making it a little bit more exiting.

Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum.
  • Yokohama Landmark Tower

    The tallest building in Yokohama. It houses the Sky Garden, an observatory at an altitude of 273 meters as well as Japans fastest elevator that brings you up at a velocity of 45km/h.
  • The Ferris Wheel

    Same as the Landmark Tower, it enables you an awesome view over the city. The little theme park around it is also big fun, though too small to spend a whole day at it!
  • Cup Noodle Museum

    The museum about Momofuku Ando's legacy (Cup Noodles) was quite a surprise. I mean, hey, what's so special about cup noodles? We don't tell you, just go there and see for yourself. The interactive approach of the exhibition makes the museum very interesting and big fun for children and adults alike - especially the part were you create you own cup noodles.
  • A tourist trap

    China Town. Walk 50 meters out and you'll get truly awesome food for less than half the price.

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