Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower is one of the two VERY impressive and MUST SEE observation platforms in Tokyo. If you've ever played Sim City, you'll instantly love it! If you never heared about Sim City, read on! And you'll soon discover why we're so crazy about his place.

At the first glace, Tokyo Tower looks very similar than the Eiffel Tower found in Paris. But with a height of 333 meters, Tokyo Tower is about 9 meters taller than its French counterpart, whose height is "just" 324 meters.

Being from Austria, I instantly felt attracted to Tokyo Tower whose beautiful reddish orange and white colors reminds me on our (the Austrian) flag (Three horizontal stripes in Red/White/Red). And it almost raised a slight feeling of home sickness, which got quickly wiped by excitement in anticipation of soon standing up there at the observation deck and enjoying a great view over the worlds most populous metropolitan area.

Tokyotower Skyscraper Panorama at 150 meter height. Tokyotower Skyscraper Panorama from the observatory at 250 meter height.

If you take a close look, you can see Skytree in the background. The left picture was taken at the observation platform at 150 meters height. The right shot was taken at the second observatory located at 250 meters above ground. On a clear day with dry air, you can even seen Mount Fuji.

Its height of 333 meters makes Tokyo Tower the second-tallest structure in Japan. The only taller building found in Japan is Skytree, which is also located in Tokyo and also absolutely worth a visit. Follow this link to our Skytree article with some truly amazing pictures and some even more useful information - especially if you are planning to visit it. But back to Tokyo Tower. It was used as the former TV broadcasting tower and beside its use as an observation tower, it is still used for communication purpose. As you can see on the dozens of antennas mounted onto it.

Cherry blossom in front of Tokyotower. Looking up to the top of Tokyo tower.

Tokyo Tower Observation Platforms

The Tokyo Tower is located at Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. There are two observation platforms, one at 150 meters (490 ft) height, and a smaller second one at a height of 250 meters (820 ft). Obviously you need a dedicated ticket for the higher platform, but the tickets are reasonably priced and what you'll see is more than just worth it. Here are two more pictures to give you a slight impression:

View over Tokyo bay and the Rainbow Bridge from the 150 meters height observatory. Second view over Tokyo bay with the Rainbow Bridge. This time from the 250 meters height observatory.

Both shots where taken in the direction of Tokyo Bay with the Rainbow bridge barely recognizable in the background. The left photo was taken from the lower observation platform at an height of 150 meters. The right picture was taken from the higher observatory at an height of 250 meters above ground.

Tokyo Tower is a great place to visit. You can show up and get up to the first and/or second observation platform instantly. Skytree is an utterly different story in that regard. What's really remarkable, about the view from Tokyo Tower, is the perspective. Everything looks like little toys. And at an altitude of 150 meters you are able to look down to the lower skyscrapers, while still looking up to the taller ones. It's this awesome kind of scenes that you only know from movies. Only this time, when you stand up there, it's for real. So if you're close to Tokyo and you feel in the mood for a mind blowing experience, go and visit Tokyo Tower and you'll be amazed. We promise.

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