Tokyo Skytree seen from the Asakusa Sensō-ji Temple.A height of 634 Meters makes Skytree the second tallest structure in the world as well as the tallest in Japan. Some people believe Skytree's main purpose is to broadcast television and radio. But that's actually not entirely true. It's true main purpose is to let you enjoy the awesome view over the worlds most populous metropolitan area a.k.a. Tokyo. And this article is all about the amazing view, as you can see at the attached pictures.

There is only one building on earth that is taller than Skytree: The world famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 829.8 meters high. Two things that both buildings have in common are:

  1. their observatory platforms are almost at the same height: 450 meters (Skytree) and 452 meters (Burj Khalif).
  2. the views you'll enjoy from atop are breathtakingly stunning, as you can see at the following two pictures.
Looking down from Tokyo Skytree. View over Tokyo from 450 meters above ground.

Visiting Skytree

The building at the foot of Skytree houses a lot of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as the world beer museum - a small shop and restaurant dedicated to everyone's favorite hop beverage: Beer! They have more than 140 different kinds of beer for sale, so ensure you're thirty next time you're visiting Skytree. All in all you can easily spend:

  • an hour just prowling around (if you're male and for some reason don't want to savor all the beers).
  • a whole day in a shopping frenzy (in case you're female).
    (please chose the option that applies)
Looking down to Tokyo at night. Overview of Tokyo from atop.

Beware of the crowd

Try to show up at Skytree as early as possible. If you manage to be there at about 10:30 am, chances are high that you can buy your ticket, queue less than five minutes for the elevator and get up to the observatory almost instantly. If, however you show up at 4 pm, chances are high that you first need to get a ticket for an appointment to be able to queue for the ticket line. The term crowded reaches a whole new dimension in Japan in general and in Tokyo in particular. If it's crowded, you'll find yourself to:

  1. Queue until you get a free ticket that allocates you a time to queue for buying a ticket.
  2. Show up at the appointed time and queue at the ticket counter.
  3. After you got the ticket, you queue again for the elevator.

This can take hours. Trying to avoid wasting our precious vacation time by standing in line, we simply showed up the next day in the morning and got up to the observatory immediately. In case Skytree is way too crowded to be fun when you show up, then you might consider to visit Tokyo Tower instead. Here's the link to our Tokyo Tower article that covers all the details and of course some pictures.

Looking down to Tokyo from Skytree at night. Skytree top level corridor.

There are two observatories at 350 meters (1,150 ft), and at 450 (1,480 ft) meters. The lower, and bigger one at 350 meter height houses a bar as well as a restaurant and of course a souvenir store.

Tokyo Skytree Traveling Advice

One word of advice: If it's foggy and you can't see the top of Skytree from beneath, than you also can't see Tokyo from atop. Sounds obvious, I know, but for some odd reason this did not appear so obvious at the time I took the picture below to the left. ;)

Looking up at Tokyo Skytree at a foggy night. Tokyo Skytree from below.

And finally one last word of traveling advice: You can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo Skytree on a clear day, which unfortunately is quite rare because of the distance of about 105 km. However, if your lucky and Mt. Fuji is visible, get a picture of the metropolis with Fuji at the background.

That's it, we hope you enjoyed this article as well as the pictures of and from Skytree. Please share this article with your friends using the buttons below. Thank you for reading so far and till next time.

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