Atomic bomb dome at Hiroshima We left the Hiroshima central station through the main exit and the first thing I've noticed was a mushroom shaped fountain on the little square in front of the building. A shivering feeling went down my spine as I started to wonder if the shape was chosen on purpose in memory of what happened on 6. of August 1945.
Visiting Hiroshima is an intense experience. You see traces of history all over the town. It feels heavy, cold and dark and not even a mug of hot spiced whine is able to change that.

Little Boy and its consequences.

At 8:15 a.m on Monday, August 6. 1945 the first atomic bomb used against humankind detonated at an altitude of roughly 600 meters above Hiroshima. It's destructive force was equivalent to 16 kilotons of TNT. From the 340,000 people living in Hiroshima at that time, 66,000 people got killed instantly as a direct result of the atomic blast. An other 69,000 people got injured to various degrees and about 70,000 people died in the following five years from the aftereffects. The dimension of the devastation is unimaginable. Here are some pictures taken at the Atomic Peace Museum in the attempt to give you a slight clue:

Vintage picture of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb Model of Hiroshima before the bomb Model of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb.

The two city models show Hiroshima before and after the explosion. In 1945 most buildings where made of wood, leaving not much left other than ashes. But the city recovered and nowadays there are about 1.2 Million people living in Hiroshima, making it the tenth largest city in Japan. Obviously, the most important sites to visit are the Atomic peace museum and the atomic dome.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

What's remarkable about the peace memorial museum is that the exhibition impartially conveys the facts about the atomic bomb incident and the nuclear arms race. Visiting it is an emotionally intense experience and one of the most important places everyone should visit once in their life. It is one of those few must visit by any means necessary spots on earth!

There are some more pictures of it at the Hiroshima gallery so you might want to take a look at it. The gallery also contains pictures of other places of interest in the area surrounding the city. Because we already talked a lot about devastation, here are three photographs of world war II technology:

Small Japanese submarine from the second world war 1/10 scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato Kamikaze-Torpedo i.e. human controlled torpedo.

To the left is a pictures showing a Japanese submarine that sunk after it was hit by a bomb that did not explode. The submarine sunk anyway because of a hull breach caused by the impact. As you can see at the people in the background, it was very small in size. The photo in the center shows a 1/10 scale model of the Japanese battleship Yamato. The picture to the right shows Kamikaze-Torpedo - i.e. a human controlled torpedo. All three pictures have been taken at the "Yamato Museum" which is officially called the "Kure Maritime Museum" in Kure.

That concludes this article about Hiroshima, the atomic bomb, World War II and the Peace Memorial Museum. We hope you enjoyed it and would appreciate it if you share this article using the buttons below. Oh, and here's one last link just in case you're wondering about the mushroom shaped fountain mentioned at the introduction.

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