Imperial City

European Imperial Cities: Vienna, Prague and Budapest.
  • Wenzel's a better guy when he's upside down

    Ah, Prague...

    Is there a better place for a drinking spree than a city where a beer is cheaper than a coke?Well, we don't think so. But anyway, you'll find the pictures of Prague at the gallery and here's a list of what impressed us the most about Czech Republic's capital city:

  • Chuck Norris Bar at Sziget festival

    Budapest August 2011 Sziget Festival.

    The main reason for our sight drinking tour to Budapest was the Sziget festival 2011. For some mysterious reason, most of the photos and memories went lost. One thing we can remember though, was the exceptional quality of the early morning Mojitos at the Chuck Norris Bar. Speaking of the Chuck Norris Bar, it saved us from getting sober during the whole five festival days and after those five days at the Chuck Norris Bar, we were certain that we've seen everything of importance at Budapest like Helloween, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Flogging Molly and Mojitos the way Chuck Norris likes his Mojitos.

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