I'm sexy and I know it

I'm sexy...

and you know it!

I'm the one whose writing most of the content here. Use the contact form in case you wanna get in touch with us.

Some of my personal goals:
  • Visiting each of Europe's capital cities (Work in progress).
  • Watching a northern lights.
  • Firing a Minigun.
  • Swimming/diving with a dolphin.
  • Having a dinner at Noma.
  • Watching a volcano eruption.
  • Eating Hákarl (Why does anybody advise against it?!?) (DONE - Twice! and now I know why anybody advise against it).
  • Eating Fugu Fish (Done).
  • Firing a .50 AE Desert Eagle (DONE).
  • Standing on top of Burj Khalifa (DONE).

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