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Greetings Fellow Traveler,

We are on a quest for fun and excitement through all over Europe. Our goal is simple: To suffer an apocalyptic hangover in each of Europe’s capital cities. But because traveling to foreign countries is always a mind expanding experience, we started to share those little pieces of information that you so often discover way too late on your journeys. Well, at least that’s what’s happening to us frequently, and so we decided to share some of the sights and insights we’ve discovered. For example, here are three random images taken on our journeys (click them to view):

What you will find on HangOverEurope.com:

  • Lots of pictures of sights that are worth visiting. Nicely sorted by city. Visit our Gallery to see for yourself.
  • Traveling guides with valuable information about the places we’ve visited. Click at the Travel Guides section in the main menu for more Information.
  • Some not so serious but nevertheless fun comments. Enjoy discovering them on your own.

Now that you’re prepared, have fun exploring our traveling and sightseeing focused site.


Here's a short list containing some of the highlights that you will find on our site. Have a lot of fun exploring.

Traveling and sightseeing blog are you welcome?.

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